About Groovy Caboodle

GroovyCaboodle.com is a Veteran Owned Company owned by 20-year-old highly rated and well regarded e-Commerce Leader GroovyCandies.com. GroovyCaboodle.com was created as Your “Family Friendly” and “Fun” On-Line Super Store offering the best in toys, games and various pet related products we know the two and four legged members of your family will love, as well as fishing and outdoor related recreation and leisure products. With nearly 20 years as a Candy industry leader of “Loved” and “Fun” candy favorites, we know how to have Fun and what Fun looks and tastes like! We also know how toys, games and various family fun time related products create an enduring opportunity for families and friends to create memorable experiences. GroovyCaboodle.com looks forward to search for and offer you a broad assortment of interesting, practical and innovative “Fun” products to enhance those cherished memorable family experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

GroovyCaboodle.com is a proud extension of the GroovyCandies.com family of e-Commerce On-Line Super Store companies, which has been a well-regarded online Super Store Pioneer and e-Commerce industry leader since 1999. Evolving from our passion to bring peace, love and happiness to people around the world, GroovyCaboodle.com offers fun, practical and unique products we feel enrich your family’s play time and fun time together! GroovyCaboodle.com evolves from North America’s Favorite On-Line Super Store Leader GroovyCandies.com family of companies and inspired "to be the absolute best candy retailer with the best selection, best value and best service in e-Commerce On-Line retailing and deliver peace, love and happiness (and candy) to everyone’s lives we touched each day.” Our Customer Centric vision and strategy proved successful and became the foundation of steady growth and our loyal “Groovy” fan base around the world! In 1999, our infant company had the magnificent blessing to be showcased on the CBS Morning Show with Bryant Gumbel, where Bryant spent five minutes discussing all the fun retro candy collections and retro candy grab bags Groovy Candies had developed as its first offerings. Eventually, Groovy Candies offerings were expanded to the approximately 5200 hard to get, retro, popular and everyday candy product offerings we offer today. We invite you to check back often as GroovyCaboodle.com continues to offer and expand its fun and engaging toy, game, pet, as well as fishing and outdoor related recreation and leisure products.

Whether you have questions about any of our products or you're ready to place an order, our team is just a phone call away at 888-729-1960 as we always take the time to understand and suggest the best products and discuss product features that fit your needs. Forging long-lasting relationships and maintaining friendly service has been the cornerstone to our business and is our trademark. Despite our tremendous growth we have maintained our customer friendly "SMALL COMPANY" feel and attention which we have embraced and mastered operating as GroovyCandies.com over the past two decades.

Please enjoy our offerings at www.GroovyCaboodle.com and make sure to carve time for yourself and the two and four legged members of your family to have Fun with our great selection of high quality Family Friendly toy and game, pet, fishing, and outdoor related recreation products! Also, please check out our leading On-Line Candy Super Store www.GroovyCandies.com, founded in 1999, which is North America’s Favorite On-line Candy Super Store offering approximately 5200 candy products for all your candy and candy related gift needs.